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Our Pricing plans are quite simple and based on the number of Photographers and videographers required to cover your wedding events. One Set consists of one photographer and a Videographer along with their assistants.


Following combinations are generally recommended.

Wedding with Three sets - Rs. 85000/-

(This includes coverage by 3 Photographers and 3 Videographers)

Make it more elaborate by adding one more set @ Rs. 20000/-

On a tight budget? Opt for 2 sets for a total of Rs. 65000/- only

In a wedding, 3 sets are ideal as one covers the Groom from Sehra Bandi onwards, one covers the Bride as she gets ready and the third one takes care of the guests at the venue. Eventually, the wedding is covered by all the 3 sets till the vidai.

Other ceremonies ( Sangeet, Mehandi, Engagement) with two sets - Rs. 45000 per Event (Multiply this amount by the number of events)

In case of a tight Budget and restricted number of Guests, you may opt for 1 set only for a total price of Rs. 30000 per event.

However, its' always recommended to have more than one set to enable coverage in both conventional and creative - candid styles.

Smaller Home ceremonies with a gathering of fewer than 50 Guests - Rs. 15000

(recommended for Chura and other home ceremonies)

Optional Add ons

Drone @ Rs. 15000 per event

Coffee table books @ Rs. 20,000 per book

Up to 100 pages (50 spreads of 12"x36") – neo flush mount. Heavy luster paper / Thick cover with jacket

Pre Wedding Shoot 

Photographs only @ Rs. 30,000/-

Video only @ Rs. 30,000/-

Both @ Rs. 45,000/-

These do not include any expenses towards paid locations. You get soft copies of photographs and a well-edited video. Discuss for more details.

Good to Know!

First set of Photographer and Videographer  @ Rs. 30000 per Event

Second Set of Photographer and Videographer @ Rs. 15000 per Event

Third Set of Photographer and Videographer @ Rs. 20000 per Event

Fourth Set of Photographer and Videographer @ Rs. 20000 per Event

Prices are calculated on the basis of the ceremonies and not the time frame.

For example, if you have a reception after the wedding on the same day, these are counted as two events.

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