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Wedding Photographers in Delhi NCR - Known for best candid Photography and cinematic videos.


Listed below are the steps involved to help you have a better overall experience. You may also refer to these points once you appoint us to cover your wedding photography

Before the events

When you decide to go ahead with us, we suggest that you promptly confirm it by extending a booking amount. We generally get booked even more than one year in advance, if you are late, unfortunately, we will miss out on the chance to capture your beautiful moments. A verbal confirmation is not considered as confirmed and the booking is confirmed only when the advance is received. We accept at least 65 % advance. However, you can pay an amount of Rs. 50,000/- initially. 

Two months before the wedding -

Make sure that you have paid 65 % in advance. Also, hand over a new hard disc ( minimum 1 TB ) to us so that all your data goes into your hard disc as well besides ours. This ensures a safe backup of you data in case of any mishap. We recommend a Seagate hard drive. All your finished films and photographs will also be given to you in this. This ensures that you get the actual High definition data, which is not possible on a DVD or a PenDrive.

You are also requested to email us all the addresses and timings along with the flow of all events. Do discuss any unexpected activities, you may have planned during the events. Also give us the phone numbers of the key decision-makers, whom we can coordinate with.

Within two days from the last event of the wedding, you are requested to clear the remaining 35 % of the total amount. You can also clear the whole amount at this point. we always give preference to clients, whose accounts are clear while setting up the deadlines.

During the events

Our crew is always one of the best maintaining very high standards. Although they are all very highly experienced, it is never a bad idea to have one of your family members ensure that all the key people are being photographed.

Couple portraits - It's always good to fix a slot for this between the ceremonies and the same can be discussed. Individual portraits can also be coordinated for the bride and the groom before they get involved with the ceremonies or as discussed. In case, the couple does not get the time or is not too willing to get the photographs clicked we do not insist at that point in time. You are doing so at your own risk of not having such photographs in the album.

After the events

Good things take time. We set a deadline of at least one month before we can hand over anything to you. However, within a few days or earlier we upload a broad list of photographs from your wedding on a password-protected area of our website. You can view, download or share the images with your family and friends. These are not very heavy files for your convenience and you can start picking up photos you want for your wedding.

But we do not take ages to complete your project! We try to hand over everything to you within two or a maximum of three months period. 

Steps towards the Photography Album

1. Once you have the low-resolution images, which may be downloaded from our website, you may select the photographs you would like to include in the album. Select only the "group photos" along with "photos of the family and friends". We will take care of the selection of the photographs of the couple along with the immediate family. There may have been several group photographs but you may want to include only a few in the album.

Do not overcrowd the album with photographs, so be very selective when you shortlist the photos. Lesser photos mean that they appear bigger in size. We expect that you will shortlist the photographs within a week's time. An additional number of days that you take in selection will not let us keep the promised deadlines.

2. The final album design is shared with you over email or on your webpages ( name )

3. You may confirm the layout or ask for changes or corrections. once you approve the final layout, we send the Book for printing. Your Book does not go for printing unless the accounts are absolutely clear. Kindly note that no changes can be made in the book once it is printed. To ensure that you get the best, your books are printed at Canvera, which is one of the best printers with international standards. In case of any quality issue, which is very unlikely to happen, we certainly take care of your interest. 

Steps towards the edited Film

The time to edit varies a lot depending on the number of cameras involved. Once the films are done, we pass it on to you in your hard drive / Google Drive.

If you feel something needs to be changed, the same can be incorporated in the next version. Once the Film is ready you are most welcome to preview it at our studio as well. This enables faster changes in your film. However, there are no restrictions or time constraints in this case. You can take your time to decide the changes.

Hope this will let you understand the overall workflow better.

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