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Q and A

In general there are so many questions and misconceptions related to wedding photography. Get some of those answered below. If you have any doubts or questions, feel free to ask.

Q How many photographers will cover the functions?

Less is more. It is not important to have more number of photographers but the right number of good photographers. Many a times when the number of photographers is too high, you end of seeing more of them then the guests in the pictures.

Q what kind of photography is covered?

Both documentary and conventional style of photography is covered together.

Q who all are included in the team?

We have only one package and all our clients get the same importance. Everybody in our team is equal and strives to achieve the same perfection in their work. The photos and videos, that you see on this website belong to the team and not an individual. Shalini and Munish are constantly involved in every stage of the process, be it shooting, editing, processing or the fine tuning of the final results. However, as a conscious decision, they do not shoot themselves to ensure that everything is directed well and runs smoothly as required. It's all about the team, which is why it is "Together we rock"

Q Why is it better to hire the same company to cover the functions of both the bride and the groom.

Not only does it make everything more economical for you, it also improves the overall coordination between different photographers covering the ceremonies. A lot of recordings are common which can be utilised on both the sides. While the teams may share common footage, they are headed by very talented photographers who work independently of each other rendering their own unique style to the photography and videography. Further, two independent designers design the coffee table books to give it a distinct identity, while keeping some common style to indicate the same wedding. Overall besides better output you save 35% of your hard-earned money.

Q How are the savings calculated?

If you book 6 months in advance, you save more. If you book both sides together as well, you have additional savings. This is how it works. The number of months you book in advance, the number of thousands you save. Book 24 months in advance and save 24000. Book 6 months in advance and you save 6000 and so on.

Q what equipment is used?

Although it is the talent of the photographers which matters the most, we use only the best available equipment of international standards.

Photography- High-resolution Canon and Nikon cameras

videography- Sony Ex3, Ex5 canon 5d mark IV/ III, 70D or 80d equivalent.  ( we do not use any camera which is not high definition) 

Q What are the add ons?

If you choose a particular package you may add on features from the other package. You can also change the quantities. Additional price applies.

Q Can packages be customised?

Yes, the packages can be customised.  The package prices mentioned are estimated prices and once you choose the package an exact price is quoted to you based on your requirements.

Q Can I mix high definition video with normal to save cost ?

A- Due to technical reasons, it is not possible to mix the two.

Q How do I make the payments?

60% advance is required to block and confirm the dates. remaining 30% is to be paid at the end of the first ceremony. 10% needs to be cleared against the delivery of the books and dvds. Both cheques and cash are accepted.

How to confirm ?

Many people confirm the dates over the phone or an email. We may block the dates for you, but do not guarantee that your dates are blocked unless an advance is received. If someone else pays before you do, we may not be able to provide you the services. In other words, bookings are confirmed strictly on the basis of advance payments.

Do you cover weddings out of Delhi NCR or India?

Yes, anywhere in this world. However, based on the location, special rates apply instead of the ones mentioned above. A customized package is worked out based on the destination and requirement. Getting the visa is never a problem for any of the team members. 

I have received quotes from other photographers which are lower than yours?

Please do not compare prices in terms of quantity. Photographers may offer their services at a lower cost but it will certainly show in the quality of their work. For your project we involve only the best, be it the highly skilled photographers or the world class equipment. It's the talent and the skill you are paying for and not the number of cameras or lights used. So evaluate the photography and base your final decision on that and not just a lower cost. 

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