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Pre Wedding Photo shoot : A different angle

I have done Pre Wedding photo shoots for couples in exotic locations like beaches of Goa, in the lap of the Himalayas and even in places of jaipur. But time and again I have realised that beautiful pictures do not essentially need exotic locations. While exotic locations are welcome as they make the work easy, a Good Pre wedding Shoot is more about the vision of the photographer, and the Love Chemistry of the couple being photographed.

So here I had this wonderful couple who were ready for any experimentation and failed attempts. That takes off much of the burden from my shoulders and helps me act like an artist instead of a professional photographer. We decided create a photo story of an imaginary story from the yesteryears, when the love birds would have to meet each other in utmost secrecy, away from the eyes of their families who might ruin their love. What could be a more suitable place to do such a shoot than the by-lanes of old Delhi? The dilapidated Hawelis, the worn out buildings, the crumbling walls from the bygone era made a perfect setup for our story.

This was indeed a bit difficult with the stinking open grain and garbage strewn all around. But the couple was ready for all my misadventures. But we made it.

All photographs by Soumen Nath I

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