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Top 10 wedding photographers of India

Does it matter if "Together we Rock" is amongst the top 10 Wedding Photographers of India ? or the top 20? The numbers change but we do have standards to maintain. If one is not amongst the top bracket of Wedding photographers, it does not really matter as the expectations are not too high. On the other hand once people start recognizing you for the work that you do, the numbers do not matter at all. Together we Rock was set by Munish Khanna, who has been into commercial photography since 1993, that is over two decades. His experience besides commercial, Fashion and Advertising photography includes Teaching Photography as well.

Together We Rock, soon created a niche for it self as one of the reputed wedding photography and cinematography companies in India and soon reached a position where it is very important for us all to ensure that we continue to deliver the best of everything and most importantly more than what we have committed to our clients, who are usually the couples themselves. Interestingly almost all the times, "Together We Rock" has been hired by the couple rather than by the Parents. Probably the new generation gives more weightage to photography and understands the value to good creative photography. And that's good for us as well as we get an opportunity to interact directly with the couple Amongst the couple as well, mostly the Girl has always been more involved in all the details of Photography and Cinematography. 

Probably that's how it is anyways, Women love to be very particular about each and everything involved with their wedding. Be it the venue, food, Decoration, Trousou or anything else. Men are cool about and know that things will be better off and safer in the the hands of their fiancee. And that's true as well :-)

Besides good equipment which is periodically updated, we have invested a lot in good talent. After all, its the eye behind the camera that matters the most. Even if the Photography equipment is very good but the Photographer or the cinematographer is not good enough to handle it all, its not going to result in a good collection of wedding photographs or Films. We ensure that its the right person for the right occasion, someone who knows his/her job very well and is easy to work with. Someone who understands your requirements and is enthusiastic about giving you the desired results.

To ensure that you get all the Photographs and Films along with the coffee table books we have set up an in house editing studio with 27" iMacs. All our Film editing is done on Final cut Pro. The wedding albums are printed in Bangalore by Canvera, which is one of the best and most professional in the printing of coffee table books in India. If you are based abroad, anywhere outside India we have tie ups with several labs both in America and Europe for printing and delivery of your Albums / coffee table books at your door step anywhere in the world. Even in India the coffee table books are delivered to your home at no additional cost.

For us, it's very important to take all the details of your wedding beforehand and it helps to know the couple. Not that we know the couple but we get to know the couple as we interact with them and we get to know them better when we shoot them for their pre wedding pictures which they can use for Invitations or Posters or just for their personal collection. the couple also feels more comfortable with the team they already know as wedding photographers are every where, where ever you are on your wedding :-)

There is also a lot of responsibility on us. Besides ensuring the quality of photographs and videos, which is kind of second nature for us, it's very important to take care of the fact that all your data is secure and safe. Digital has a lot of advantages but at the same time there are quite a few risks involved as well. We include the price of a one or two TB hard disc depending upon the scale of your functions, simply to ensure that we have two backups of all your data and its stored in your hard disc as well as ours. Also we pass on all the data along with your well edited photographs and films so that in case you wish to do any thing about it in years to come, you can get it done. Since datas are huge, it's not possible for us to save all projects with us.

We are as excited as you are to see the final outcome so we don't waste a moment after the wedding to bring out the final Images and videos to you. We upload you assorted random select photographs online on a password protected page so that you can view them at the earliest possible. The High resolution file sizes are huge today and transferring and rendering the files does take a lot of time. So based on the number of ceremonies involved we always give you a realistic timeline and a deadline which we can practically follow due to technical reasons. In general we are able to give you everything within a month or two. Most important functions are done first followed by smaller ceremonies so that you keep getting the stuff as it gets ready.  

We also keep our prices along with terms and conditions very transparent and clear to avoid any misunderstandings. This definitely helps develop a good long lasting relation ship with our clients who are more like friends to us.


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