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one of the best wedding photography team in Delhi

Q who all are included in the team ?

We have one exclusive wedding photography - videography package and all our clients get the same importance. Everybody in our team is equal and strives to achieve the same perfection in their work. The photos and videos, that you see on this website belong to the team and not an individual.

For a wedding ceremony, it's very important to have at least two sets of Photographers and Cinematographers. Three is preferred. One with Groom, one with the Bride and one at the venue. While documenting the event is important, which can be taken care of by one Photographer, It's also important to catch the moments and the overall mood of people along with the ambiance of your wedding venue. So Two photographers divide their roles in terms of the approach with which they look at things and shoot in a more conventional and tradition n style or a more natural and candid style of wedding photography. As per situation they may even switch roles. This ensures that nothing is missed out.

Similarly the team involved with wedding film also divides their roles in shooting the scene with different lenses and angles so that there is enough footage to put together on the editing table. Different angles, perspectives, Surround Sound and creative camera movements put together, contribute in the making of a good Full High definition film.

In terms of the actual number of people, most of the Photographers and Cinematographers are accompanied by their assistants to enable a faster flow of work as the events unfold in a wedding function.

In case you are looking for a good enough coverage and your venue is quite large, you certainly should consider having more number of Photo and Video cameras. This ensures that all areas are well covered. One could be positioned at the main gate as the parents greet and welcome the Guests. One set could go around and cover the gathering of guests as they socialise and entertain themselves. In case you have some performances and are looking for the complete coverage of same, its important to station one set here. If all this is not overlapping, limited crew members can be utilised accordingly. So based on the number of guests, Venue size, the kind of photos you are looking for, your requirement of coverage, the strength of the shooting team can be worked out. 

Shalini and Munish are constantly involved in every stage of the process, be it shooting, editing, processing or the fine tuning of the final results. However, as a conscious decision, sometimes they do not shoot themselves to ensure that everything is directed well and runs smoothly as required. Its all about the team, which is why it is "Together we rock"


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