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Committed to work-trait of a good model

Many aspiring models are attracted towards the world of Modelling and Glamour expecting it to be an easy going career but it's not always quite like that. It takes a lot of commitment on the part of a fashion or advertising model to be a good and successful model.

You need to be prepared to face long 12 plus hours of photo shoots in extreme weather. face the freezing and windy conditions in winters, wearing almost nothing and pose and smile in extreme summers decked up in woollens. Many planned advertising shoots are executed much in advance. In summers for winter wear and vice versa. Patience is the key here. It's part of the job, you can't really complain.

Besides facing these hardships, the models need to stay fit always, weather they have assignments in hand or not. You do need to maintain a diet along with strict beauty and fitness regime without any fail. You cant afford to be out of shape even if you have not had an assignment for a long period of time at a stretch.

It can take quite a while for the new models to get the first break in the fashion and advertising industry. Even after going through several auditions, models may not land up with the desired role in a Film or a television serial. While it takes time for some, it may never work for many even though they are quite talented. Models do need to be persistent with their approach towards the fashion industry.

As a Model you need to go through makeup sessions almost everyday and night, not mention that sometime it can be quite dramatic as well. As a committed model, your job comes first and you can't say no to it if your stylist or art director are looking for a particular role. same goes with acting. You do need to get into the skin of the character you are playing.

However all this does not mean that Modelling is difficult and not enjoyable. It totally depends on the kind of person you are. If you love what you do, you will be able to have fun as you go though various ups and downs, easy and difficult tasks, same old boring and interesting assignments. If you are involved in your work and are committed with a professional attitude, it will definitely take you forward as besides your beauty and skills, its the professionalism and dedication towards modelling that stands you apart in the eyes of your photographer, Stylist, Art director and ofcourse the client.


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