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Drone for Candid Wedding cinematography

While exploring for Good wedding Cinematographers, I am sure you must have come across the word " Drone". let's check out what exactly is a Drone, well not in too technical terms, but just the stuff you may wish to know out of curosity. Before the Drones came in, the only possibility of shooting your wedding with an aerial view was to hire a helicopter an option which common people in general could not afford. Today's its certainly possible for us to employ a Drone to get those sweeping aerial shots of your Wedding venue, Rituals or even use it for your Pre Wedding shoots.

So, What exactly is a drone?

Basically a Drone is a small sized unmanned aircraft known as UAV - unmanned aerial vehicle. These can fly autonomously or can be controlled through a remote along with a view of the scene it is viewing and recording. Drones began with their usage in Army operations but are today being used for various activities ranging from basic traffic monitoring to understanding wild life to study flood impacts.

Worldwide, as Drones became available commercially, most of the wedding cinematographers started using them in weddings as a normal practice.

There are categories and qualities within Drones as well. A Drone is not just a Drone. There is more than that to it. A lot depends on the talent of the Person who is handling it both technically as well as aesthetically. What is the quality of the camera installed in the Drone ? Does it have a stabiliser? Is it equipped with the technology that it won't collide with anything. Yes, new drones are equipped with the technology that they simply can't collide with that expensive chandelier in the middle of your Wedding Hall or banquette.

Drone's cant get lost or fall somewhere. These are fully equipped with GPS systems and are very easy to navigate. Low Battery? very simple, it will return back to where it started from. Falling on someone's head :-), Not Possible. Especially with today's technology.

Yes, if you let it be handled by just about anyone, which may generally happen in Indian wedding scenario, the person may not be trained enough to understand the technology and oversee any warnings.  

Why you should certainly add an aerial view to your wedding?

If you go through the wedding films on this Blog, you will notice that it simply looks great and no explanations are really required to justify the use of Drones in your wedding to capture the Baraati's dancing along the Groom, or any other celebrations and rituals happening outdoors. Outdoors, I mentioned because ceilings indoors are very low and the use of Drone for an aerial view does not make much sense. Moreover, due to unfound reasons, most the Weddings venues do not permit its usage indoors for fear of any damage to their property. Interestingly, drone can be flown at a very low height as well and can be kept in the air in the static position as well.  📷

It's important for both the client and the Wedding Cinematography team to ensure that all Laws related to use of Drones is being followed. It goes without saying that "Together we rock" would not do anything which breaks the law in any manner what so ever. Further we ensure that it does not infringe into someone's privacy. There are certain heights which need to be maintained so as not to be a cause of problem to the Aircraft or Security radar systems which operate above a certain height. Of course, Drones can't be used close to Airports or any other high sensitive areas, unless they are kept at a very low height. However, in such situations if your venue is around these areas to avoid any untoward incident, Together we Rock, anyways does not use drones.

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