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How early should you book your wedding photographer?

Simple answer is - As early as Possible. Now how early is "as early" :-) ?

Well, it's a good idea to book your wedding photography team as early as one year. Just like your wedding venue, good photographers get booked very early and it gets difficult to book good ones at a later stage as they are already booked or their good resources are no longer available.

Just like other good wedding Photography companies, Together we Rock also does not employ all resources on salary basis and keeps them on their panel to ensure that you get the best talent based on your interest and budget. For example if you need an extra large LCD Panel, it is outsourced from a renting company. A specialised photo printer may be outsourced to ensure that you get the right stuff.

However to ensure consitency, we have invested in regularly used Photography and cinematography equipment like full high difinition video cameras, High resolution Photography cameras, Premium Lenses, Drones and other lights and infrastructure. The key Photographers and cinematographers are a part of main Together We Rock team but some assistants may be working with us on part time basis.

For a wedding, in case we need a large number of photographers and cinematographers just like any other company, we may also need to outsource the resources. Sooner you book us, sooner we are able to block the dates of the most talented Photographers and cinematographers who freelance for weddings. We also block the dates of good and reliable assistants.

We do not outsource video editing and album designing which is done by our own in house staff only as it requires constant monitoring along with your inputs and feedback.


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