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How much does a pre wedding shoot cost?

How much does a Pre Wedding shoot cost or what is the price of a Pre wedding shoot in Delhi or elsewhere in India is a very relative question. It does not have a direct answer.

First of all when we talk about a pre wedding shoot or a couple's portfolio, we start concentrating a lot on factors like the number of looks, location and other such parameters. We talk about the complete package.

"Together we Rock", being a professional wedding photography company gives you a complete breakup of everything and gives you the choice to opt for different variables involved and include what you want and leave out what you don't need. The price clearly mention that what is the professional fee of the Photographer and / or the cinematographer who is undertaking you pre wedding shoot. It could just be the Photographer if you opt for just photographs or a cinematographer as well if you plan to go for a pre wedding film as well. Now let's consider the other variables involved- There are good makeup artists and there are average makeup artists. Since makeup and hair plays a very important role in your pre wedding shoot we always recommend a makeup artist who is good and has a good reputation. It's all a team work. Makeup is the starting point of your shoot and the whole look, we will never settle for anyone who is not good enough as it eventually reflects in all the photographs. "Together We Rock" always hires some of the most reputed makeup artists depending upon the availability of dates.

Location is next. There are locations which do not cost anything at all but yes, you do face the inconvenience as well. It's not practically possible to change outfits or a place to get the makeup done. There are specific locations exclusively for the purpose of pre wedding shoots. These locations come with different price tags along with their own terms and conditions. "Together we Rock" team guides you and let's you understand everything clearly explaining the pros and cons of going for one location versus the other. Based on the kind of look you want, TWR team suggests and recommends the location. Also the amount of money you wish to spend plays an important role.

For a cinematic effect, it's crucial to add more than one camera. Drones also add to the feel and look of the film, as well as the budget.

How many looks do you want to shoot? You do not really pay for the number of looks as much as you pay for the time. Now if you plan to do lesser number of looks, does not mean that you can or you should pack up faster. In fact, do it all in a more relaxed manner. What's the rush ? Enjoy your pre wedding shoot. You are doing it out of choice and not as a compulsion. It's fine if you don't try out everything in your pre wedding shoot but it's very important that you do it well and have fun. When you hire a good photographer, or book a location, it's for the whole day - upto a number of hours. Good professional photographers would not do more than one pre wedding shoots on a single day, so spending less time on the shoot may not really affect the price. 

So in realistic terms, it's very difficult to say that how much does a Pre wedding shoot cost in Delhi or in other part of the world. You may compare the professional fees being charged by a particular photographer and compare the portfolio of other photographers in the same bracket to get an idea. 

Together we rock, is run and managed by Shalini and  Munish Khanna who closely coordinate a team of creative and seasoned wedding photographers from the field of Films and Photography, so that you get the very best wedding Photographers in Delhi or anywhere else for your Destination wedding.


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