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Easily shortlist your wedding Photographs!

Shortlisting your wedding photographs sounds like quite a task but it's not that difficult. The "Together We Rock" team makes things easier for you by taking care of this task for you. We do shoot a lot, not missing on any of your precious moments. while most of the shots are good as we all are professional photographers, experts in this genre of photography- and know weddings inside out. We ensure that we remove the rejects and not include any shots which are not close to perfection. 

While shortlisting wedding photographs, its a good idea to exclude instead of thinking about what to include. Once you have excluded the shots, it becomes easier to consider and explore the shots which are left out. TWR team with several years of vast experience in Photography and cinematography knows it all like second nature. We may have a number of shots of a particular person in the wedding with different expressions and postures but will shortlist the ones which we feel are the best and compliment the person rather than picking up everything. In some cases, we may include a number of shots as a part of the series if the person concerned is a very close relative or one of the key people involved in the wedding.

Although we don't get any out of focus or wrongly exposed shots but in a rare case that we do have any such shots, we correct them or do not include them unless we feel that the shot is technically a bit imperfect but aesthetically too strong.

Interestingly, clients always ask for more photographs. We all do get fascinated with higher numbers, except when it comes to the Budgets :-)

One area where you score better than us is in the selection of the group photographs. You are the best judge on deciding which all groups will make it to the final album or the coffee table book. A good option is to keep a separate album or book just for the groups and let the main wedding album be exclusively for the wedding couple, close family and friends featuring all the ceremonies and candid moments arranged in a neat and creative manner. Adding too many photographs restricts the fine layout of the book. Lesser images also translate to larger and more impressive Photographs. If you have gone for a larger wedding book why not have larger full page size photographs as well. 

The concern should be Good wedding photographs and not a large number of photographs. If there is a lot going on in your event, you certainly will get a lot of good wedding photographs but a number cant be increased just for the sake of increasing the number.

Can you imagine how it would be if you were asked to watch an unedited version of all the footage of a Bollywood blockbuster? Once again, we do not miss on shooting anything as the events in your wedding unfold but put across only the best and the most interesting moments for you in your finely cut version of the Wedding film. We give you a short and crisp version and another version which is relatively extended which covers everything in detail as compared to the shorter version or the Highlight. Any footage that we feel does not contribute much in making it a good film is not included in your final version.

Do you get everything? A lot of clients insist and ask for everything. For your backup we do give you everything when you hand over a good capacity hard disc to us. These datas are huge and without your hard disc, it's not possible to do so. In case you wish to retrieve any image or footage at a later stage, you have all the backup with you and you can put together the images anytime.


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