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The pre-wedding days

What is the most beautiful and exciting time in a couple’s life? The pre-wedding days. They are full of dreamy looks, love in the eyes, the smile, the whole body language is ecstatic and what better way to capture these beautiful moments for eternity than a Pre-Wedding Shoot! A run-up to the wedding, a pre wedding shoot makes you both comfortable in front of the camera and also builds a relationship with your photographer.

Photo- Deepak Vijay

Plan the day to the tee as to what to wear, which poses suit both of you the best, the theme of the shoot, what props to use, where to shoot and if there is a change in garment during the shoot find out if there is a place to do so.

As for the poses, practise, practise, practise. Do your homework, study some pre wedding shoots – Internet today is full of them. This will bring you both closer and erase the awkwardness in the pictures.

Photo- Deepika's Deep clicks

Explore the common ground, interests and passions between both of you and decide on a theme. If you are both fond of gymming, try and hire a gym before opening hours or after closing hours. Everybody loves making a few extra bucks. Just going to a garden or a fort and doing a pre-wedding shoot is very cliché and though beautiful does not speak much about the couple. The choice of a location is perhaps one of the most important aspects and should be taken after a lot of thought and deliberations. It should be planned according to your common passions i.e. playful / passionate / outdoor/ picnic / camping / music / sports /dancing etc… The pre-wedding shoot should bring out your inherent personality.

It should be a perfectly rhythmic dance between the photographer, the couple and the location. A prior discussion between all three for an understanding of the kind of shoot desired by the couple… their choice of backdrops and props – choice, relation, feel, how it brings out the personality and passion of the couple…

A Pre-Wedding shoot should be free of any apprehensions about the general public gawking so that you both are free to express your inner emotions and feelings towards each other. So if you are selecting a public place make sure that you reach very early in the morning to avoid stares and unwanted guests in the frame. I have also heard of a lot of incidents where the police also hassle the photographer or the couple so please make sure that you have the permission to shoot. This will ensure that you both spend a lovely day together laughing and romancing.

Like they say you get married only once and the amazing pre-wedding period in your life is never going to come back…

Madhulika Bansal is the Creative Head at The Perfect Location

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