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What are wedding films all about? Know more about TWR Wedding videographers in Delhi

Those perfect smiles, long traditional rituals and sequences, Dance and Drama, fun and frolic are all a part of what makes our Indian Weddings great. Sometimes, photographs alone are unable to relive the exact larger than life canvas of your weddings. This is where our creative cinematography brings alive your memories of all those special moments. This is a short wedding film of your wedding so that you can watch it again and again besides sharing with your family and friends over the social media or otherwise. Unlike videos of the past, these are precise and crisp, showing only the best of the moments put together as one wedding film.

TWR team, of artistic and creative Cinematographers, are simply passionate to make their way around the dancing Family and friends during the Baraat or around the DJ as they shake their legs on the beats of Bollywood numbers. They are there discreetly capturing those precious moments as you say good bye to the bride. As you meet and greet your guests You may not get the time to run through everything in your wedding as you planned it or enjoy the beats of the live band but we will document everything for you to enjoy it later on. Our wedding films give the right touch of glamour to your wedding. Any wedding with grand decoration and a lavish setup would be incomplete without actually documenting it all. It's important that all this is documented and presented by an equally competent team of photographers and cinematographers who can show the scale of your wedding.

Besides the visuals, the sound is just as important. This is one area where photography takes a back seat and cinematography plays a vital role. The sound of Pheras, the fun and frolic of the crowd as you share "Jai malas", The cheers, the speeches, the performances, Live music all add up to the memories of your wedding day and not just the visuals. Together We Rock's cinematography team gives special attention to recording sound as well where ever important and relevant. After all, a good wedding film would be incomplete without sound. We also explore the possibility of including few candid statements by key friends and relatives. Not everyone is very enterprising with words but a line or two by the family adds a lot to the wedding film. The couple can ofcourse speak about their relationship in length. Some couple's prefer keeping their relations personal and avoid talking about it. They can talk about more general stuff. It's not important to prepare a speech for your "interview session" but it makes more sense when you keep it natiural and spontaneous. It's great to record the couple in an actual candid conversation. TWR team makes it comfortable to "talk about" if you plan to include words in your pre wedding video or the actual wedding video.It's

As a part of the Wedding film, you can opt to have a Pre wedding film, A wedding invitation film or "save the Date" video, a whats app Invite, A teaser of your actual wedding film. You can discuss various option that are available as you book your wedding photography - videography team. Wedding films by Together we rock are in fact a promise of love and trust along with a deep sense of assurance to keep your wedding memories thriving forever.  This "save the date" video was shot at Tikli Bottom in Delhi NCR as a part of the Pre wedding film. You can always plan and shoot a part of the pre wedding film in a manner that it looks appropriate as a story for your wedding invitation as well.


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