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9 Months in Paradise

A rising belly curve that women love to see on themselves comes with a roller coaster of strong mood changes in the body and emotions – surprise, joy, discomfort, resentment, anxiety, craving, fear, excitement and many more. Patiently and calmly, couples come to terms with the developments, building bonds sprinkled with loads of love, care and doing activities together. One such activity is a Maternity Shoot. We, the couple and photographers, based on the forecast of a slightly windy and sunny day set out for a beach maternity shoot. Nature does not understand the nuances of Human feelings, it has its own mood swings with seasons, temperature, winds and weather. Even the colors during the day are decided by the Sun’s position. By the time we began our shoot with a few warm up shots at the El Jardin Beach, the winds had picked up and the temperature fell with the clouds covering the sun. The environment was grey, yet the spirits were high! Reya posed exuding confidence built over many photoshoots. Our coordinator ensured Reya was comfortable as she walked to the various spots, making sure her make-up, hair and props stayed perfect throughout the shoot and also after the costume changes.

Dion, Reya’s husband, was a surprise. He shared a perfect chemistry with Reya lifting her off her feet or holding her gently in his arms, kissing her and sharing laughs. The winds had attracted a few Kite Surfers and as Photographers we worked on avoiding them in the frames to save time removing them during editing. With the light fading fast and the winds getting very cold we wrapped up after a few more costume changes. Now was the time for transfers, selections and edits.

The occasion and mood was one of joyous expectations, warmth, closeness and celebration. Selection and edits - dreamy and faded, ‘close crops’, BnW’s and colorful, were done to reflect it to create wonderful memories.

All Photographs by Rakesh Tatia

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